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Metadata Base

The only way to obtain long time series to analyse trends and changes in the ecosystems is to optimize the existing resources making use of the current monitoring activities as much as possible.

REDOTE has elaborated a metadata base of ecological monitoring activities which are being developed now or that have been developed in the past in Spanish ecosystems.

REDOTE metadata base contains the basic information about these activities grouped in the following thematic parts:

  1. MAIN INFORMATION: Basic descriptive information of the monitoring activities (starting date, geographic location, objectives, etc.) and contact information of the responsible person/s.
  2. ECOSYSTEM INFORMATION: Main characteristics of the ecosystems where the monitoring activities are being carried out
  3. COLLECTED DATA: Parameters, units, frequency of the sampling, etc.
  4. DATA ACCESS: Indications about the data access policy, the data format and the publications and projects which are related to data.

If you want to browse through REDOTE metadata base or you want to include some information about monitoring activities in which you are involved, you only have to make a request of access to obtain your password. The access to the metadata base means that you accept the “REDOTE Data Access Policy”.

Last update October 2006