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REDOTE phases

After some discussions during 2001-2003, the IGBP-Spain committee, with the help of its subcommittees, established a proposal to implement a Spanish monitoring network to observe the variations in the climate-biogeochemistry-biodiversity system in the long term. This proposal was composed by the following phases:

  1. Theoretical-conceptual stage. Definition of the objectives and general criteria to select the monitoring stations.
  2. Information gathering. Creation of a metadata base of existing long-term monitoring activities in Spain by means of a questionnaire collecting the main information about these series (type of observations, place, type of data access, etc.)
  3. Groups of experts. Final definition of the characteristics, variables and infra-structures required for the different monitoring stations in the network.
  4. Selection of the monitoring stations and final definition of the Spanish LTER network.

An ad hoc working group was established to develop these initiatives. This group have met four times (29th October 2002, 20th February 2003, 2nd June 2004 and 9th June 2005). During 2002-2005 the first and the second stages have been accomplished.

Last update October 2006