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Goals and benefits of REDOTE

The main goal of REDOTE is to gather the necessary information to detect trends and effects of global change in general and of climate change in particular.

The benefits from the REDOTE activity will be:

  • To obtain a solid scientific infrastructure to study the effects of global change in the different Spanish ecosystems. At the same time, REDOTE will manage to optimise the resources and the funding assigned to global change research and will profit from the use of current monitoring activities.
  • To increase the accuracy in the knowledge and to improve the quality and the efficiency of the research in global change and in other related areas.
  • To contribute with scientific and technical elements to defend a national policy in an international framework of global change.
  • To improve the techniques of evaluation, prediction and adaptation to the climatic variability.
  • To establish a real base to develop modelling adapted to the Spanish ecosystems conditions and to design preventive actions and management plans for those areas that are sensitive to desertification.
  • To improve the ecosystems protection and biodiversity conservation.
  • To improve the capacity of prediction and reaction in case of natural disasters.
  • To study environmental factors that affect human health as air or water quality. This will make possible to establish the relationships between environmental parameters and population health conditions. This information system will provide the base to develop a regional and national policy that integrates health attention with environment. For example, a better UV monitoring system can alert people and reduce the skin cancer.
Last update October 2006